Stile Bottega Architettura proud to be Third Placed in the MM Award 2021/Interior Design Competition.

Thank you!


The notion of representation is more than a mere idea of reflexion, it implies the exploration of memory and the ability to translate it in a contemporary thought, to be read in time and space while projecting toward the future.
Passion meets creativity. Elegance together with an undivided, continuous attention to details, respect for tradition and for handcraft a worldwide reckoned distinctive feature of “made in Italy”, all represent the core values of our works, what “StileBottega | Architettura” is all about and wishes to represent and communicate.

The most fascinating element of our work and our profession is getting in touch and interact with many stories, which are in their own way unique and personal. Ours is the responsibility to imagine and give expression to dreams and desires of our customers. This is an exciting challenge which stirs our creativity, for every time we succeed in overcoming it, we feel we've accomplished what we were aiming at.