About Us

Arch. Christian Pirini

Christian Pirini architect was born in 1977 and graduated from Architecture Department of the Ferrara University in July 2003.
Since 2005, he is a registered member of the Professional Register of the Italian Architects in Forlì-Cesena.
In 2008 he founded “X Firme Design Team” group and became the project manager for Design and Interior Design tasks. Besides his job with this group, he worked in partnership with “CP&P” studio as project manager of the retail sector.
In 2010 he attended advanced training class “Experience Design Hotel” at Technical University Politecnico of Milan and in 2011 the two “basic” and “advanced” courses of Climate House Academy of Bolzano.
In 2012 the “X FDT” studio takes a further step and moves to Bologna and became “StileBottega | Architettura” where Christian keeps his role of project leader in the Design e Interior Design sector.

Arch. Luca Mannucci

Luca Mannucci architect was born in 1979. He graduated from Architecture School of Florence University in July 2009.
Immediately after graduating, Luca was willing to measure himself with an international experience and looked for a job in Paris. There, he trained with architects Leoterio Berellini, Roger Elbaz and Antonio Belvedere and partecipated in the development of projects for “RPBW” studio.
In 2011 came back to Italy, became a registered member of the Professional Register of Italian Architects in Bologna and worked for the Studio “Sergio Bizzarro & Partners”. With them he developed interior design projects in the hotel sector.
In 2012 Luca has the opportunity to live a new professional experience and moved to Morocco where he took over the role of project manager at “Associati” Studio in Marrakech. In Morocco Luca had the opportunity to work on several large projects. During that same year he joined the “StileBottega | Architettura” group and signed a partnership contract with “Associati” Studio in Marrakech. At the end of 2013 Luca came back to Italy and assumed the role of project leader of all projects based in Morocco and France on behalf of “StileBottega | Architettura”.

Arch. Elena Claudia Munari

Architect Elena Claudia Munari, born 1984, graduates from the Faculty of Architecture "Biagio Rossetti" of the University of Ferrara in October 2009. Soon after graduation, Elena moves to London where she collaborates with the firm CHORA for about a year. Since 2011, she starts the collaboration with interior design firms, where she refines her design and site management skills, especially in the store-planning field. Elena collaborates with Iosa Ghini Associati and Marco Costanzi Architects. In 2016, she begins the collaboration with Stile Bottega architettura, where she fulfills a responsible role in both the design process and the construction management.

Arch. Rocco Martino

Architect Rocco Martino, born 1984, graduates from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence in April 2011. Rocco soon starts the collaboration with several tuscan firms, covering roles of responsibility in the design phase, graphics and 3D modeling. From 2012 to 2016, he personally follows several interior design projects in all phases of the project from concept to site management. In 2017 he begins collaborating with the studio Stile Bottega architettura, where he fulfills a responsible role in the executive design phase.

Arch. Iacopo Mascelloni

Architect Iacopo Mascelloni, born 1983, graduates in 2011 at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and began his professional activity in July 2011 collaborating with Mocenni Architecture in Florence. In 2015 he begins the collaboration in the field of Retail and Interior Design with the Studio PLS Design of Florence, developing projects for Italian fashion brands and interior design of villas in India and the Middle East. In June 2017 he joins Stile Bottega architettura, continuing the activity of Construction Management and Interior Design.

Arch. Roberto Mazza

Architect Roberto Mazza, born 1989, graduates from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Parma in March 2015. Immediately after the degree, he starts the collaboration with the firm Tecnicoop, then with Roberta Giovanardi, in Bologna, working alongside the architect in the design of interior spaces for private residences and public spaces. Since April 2017, he works as a technical designer at the Intek International Company based in Medicina (Bo). In November 2017 he starts working with the Stile Bottega architettura.

Arch. Valeria Alfano

The architect Valeria Alfano, born 1983, graduates from the University of Naples, Faculty of Architecture "Federico II" in March 2009. Immediately after graduating, she moves to Bologna where she collaborates with the museographer studio Panstudio Architetti Associati and with Viabizzuno, where she refines her design skills in the field of installations. Then she collaborates with various firms and furniture companies, both in design phase and three-dimensional modeling. At the same time, she follows several interior design projects for private clients. In January 2016 she begin collaborating with Stile Bottega architettura, focusing in particular on 3D modeling and rendering.