Concept design

The image of the brand is the starting point for the concept development.

In this phase, we manage the transition from idea to realization developing in detail the design project, to bring the client to a fair evaluation.

We will accomplish the design process as well as the budgetary coordination and any other issues related to the project management activity.

    The development of the concept includes:
  • The preliminary design.
  • Evaluation of alternatives in terms of design, costs, feasibility and maintenance.
  • The preliminary dimensioning of the several project’s components.
  • The selection of the most skilled suppliers and materials.
  • A rough estimate of costs.
  • Graphics and communication.

Project management

In this phase, it is important to define and coordinate all the project’s components, in order to guarantee the exact integration between aesthetics and functionality.

A network of experts in the various disciplines will take care of all the necessary aspects according to the required standards.

    During this phase, the following activities will be carried out:
  • Analysis and/or design of the required equipment, structures and architectural elements.
  • Detailed analysis of utilities: electricity, gas, TLC, water, wastewater.
  • Elaboration of final detailed design and architectural elements.
  • Definition of peculiar elements that, for their own specificity within the project, will need a custom design.
  • Elaboration of bill of quantities (BOQ) of all the components that will define the project.
  • Drafting of technical document.

Construction management

We offer a qualified supervision of the works in full compliance with the project provided by the Client.

Each building site is unique: therefore, the team of architects will take care of the whole working process, from the revision of the drawings to the organization of the working schedule.

We will supervise every aspect of the work, from the beginning to the conclusion, in order to guarantee a correct execution and a smooth management of the construction site, accordingly with timetable and budget.

    This phase includes:
  • The analysis of the provide project as well as the quality standard verification and final design consistency.
  • Organization and optimization of working processes, and the in-process variations that may occur during construction.
  • Evaluation and possible negotiation of project variations.
  • Elaboration of the state of progress and related payment certificates.
  • Elaboration and classification of any discrepancies and/or defects in execution.