The Studio

The Studio is a place where several and diverse skills come together and meet: photographers, designers, architects and engineers. Stile Bottega is not a static reality but, combines the attention to detail of the traditional master craftman with the experience of different professional profiles, creating new ideas and solutions, thus bringing to life unique custom-made projects for their clientèle.
Stile Bottega Studio is all about passion for work, unceasing attention to details combined with the attitude to compare ideas and viewpoints, no matter how different and far apart they may seem.

Custom Made

Each idea, each project, each realization come out to be something we don't want to replicate.
The customer is a unique and special entity with his own perception of beauty. Our work is always a projection of the customer but embraced from other points of view, enhaced from what makes a bare box turn into an architecture or a design: the detail.
There's no such a thing as a small or large project, but there is, instead a complex or simple challenge to be taken on. To see a project in its complexity gets us used to understand, study and implement solutions that, even in their overall view, make even the slightest difference count. This is what contributes to the uniqueness of our work.